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Financial Planning – When You Need It

Our expertise is available whenever you are. And, we believe our clients know when they have need – we like to give you a little credit. Different than most financial planners, but similar to legal and health professionals in your life - we know you will seek out and schedule financial planning when it’s right for YOU.

Our Brand of Financial Planning

  • Jones Strategic Financial Planning Fee OnlyFee-Only Accessible to the majority
  • Doesn’t require 1 – 3% of annual assets
  • Minimal or Comprehensive, as-needed
  • No sales pitch – Independent of insurance or brokerage firms
  • Independent of hidden Commissions Protects your Best Interest

How Are Advisors Typically Paid?

  • Find Out How Financial Advisors Are PaidUpfront sales charge or commission (2 – 6%)
  • Percentage of Assets
  • Flat fee or hourly rate

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So, What Does It Cost?

Financial Advisor Costs In Denver, COTypical fees range from $540 to address your most pressing concerns, to $2400 for more comprehensive planning.


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