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8 Financial Steps To Take After Paying Off Debt Yahoo Finance, August 2016

DimeSpring September 2012 – Kim E. Jones offers 7 Tips for Financial Fitness

Broomfield library courses take aim at economy Broomfield Enterprise, March 2009 – Kim Jones, CFP® of Broomfield, Colorado presents financial literacy seminars at the public library. Topics include, “Credit, Debt and Spending” and “Investing in an Uncertain Economy”.

Gift Giving at its Best: Financial Advisor Suggests Seven Ways to Put More Meaning in Your Holidays News Guide, December 2009 – Kim Jones, CFP® of Broomfield. Colorado provides gift giving suggestions that make the holidays meaningful and financially rewarding.

Investing in an Uncertain Economy for Dummies®, Dummies® Series, Fall 2008 – Kim Jones, CFP® of Denver, Colorado was a contributing author to for Tip #10.

Military Officer, November 2007 – In “Financial Tune-Ups,” Garrett Planning Network members Rick Mayes, CFP®, MBA of Carlsbad, California, Kim Jones, CFP® of Broomfield, Colorado and Buz Livingston, CFP® of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida provided advice to three MOAA members, all at various points in their military careers and with different financial issues.

Chicago Tribune, February 13, 2005 – In an article titled “Love, Marriage and Money: Bring them all together,” Kim Jones, a CFP® practitioner and GPN member in Denver, CO was interviewed regarding newlywed planning for long-term financial goals. “Like any goal we have, it’s more likely to get done if it’s written down,” says Jones. Carolyn Bigda’s article states that when you’re ready to commit, you should discuss your finances in detail. “Bring everything to the table,” says Elizabeth Potts Weinstein, another GPN member and attorney in San Jose, CA. Bigda also writes that engaged couples may have some assets that each individual may want to keep under their own control. Weinstein warns, “Once you get married, a whole bunch of automatic rules apply.” A prenuptial agreement drafted with an attorney’s help can override these laws, concludes Bigda.

Journal of Financial Planning, December 2004 – Kim E. Jones, CFP®, president of Jones Strategic Financial Planning in Denver, CO was interviewed regarding concentrated stock positions for an article called “Planners and Clients Try to Weather Changing Tax Laws.” After taking into consideration Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) issues, Jones says, “Although I almost always recommend that clients reduce these concentrated stock positions to no more than 10 percent of their investable assets, I’ve recently added a sense of urgency to my recommendations. I’ve mentioned to my clients that we may not be able to take advantage of the favorable top 15 percent capital gains rate in the future, so they should get it while the getting’s good. The current low tax on capital gains gives me incentive to nudge clients along to something I think might be best for them in the long run.”

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